From August 2008 to July 2010, I worked on the Dell account for Schematic. From site enhancements and redesigns to campaigns and product launches, I defined and delivered global look and feel, brand voice, and product sales experiences for Dell consumer and commercial. 

Role: Sr. Art Director

The Dell 5-inch Streak Phablet 

Four photo shoots, two manicures, and one broken prototype was all it took to design and develop Dell's Streak interactive tour. The experience offered an immersive and educational view highlighting the features of the operating system and Streak form factor.

Dell Aero Smartphone Product Launch

With a sleek lightweight design, the Aero featured a custom Andriod interface and powerful camera at a competitive price. The experience was designed to showcase the lightweight nature of the phone in a floating digital space with feature vignettes.

Solution Station Digital Program

Dell's tech support group Solution Station needed a fresh look and feel with an ownable brand to support sales during the checkout process. My team and I took the opportunity to expand the program vision by using existing customer information and offering new digital touch points that could enable new services.

360 Campaign Alignment 

As the digital AOR, my team and I designed branded campaign materials in the form of moodbaords and assets packets that were distributed to the production teams to insure global alignment. 

Interactive Shopping Experiences

Zino Home PC Product Launch

What's a home PC? The Zino landing page combined educational contexts with suggested uses to answer that very question. The perfect system to bundle needed an integrated product tour and shopping site to complete the story and build a reason to own the small but powerful PC in a box.