I am a creative professional with 10+ years of graphic and interactive communication experience. Over my career, I have worked with exceptional teams to deliver successful strategic and tactical solutions refined and strengthened by a conceptually based iterative process. 


Capturing inspiration from the creative process is essential to developing solutions and I work to frame creative moments that demonstrate truly unique and clever conceptual thinking. A single idea can generate a line of thinking that builds on the iteration and results in the high-quality (collaboration) campaign/project work that leading brands expect. 

I am the oldest brother of four and the son of two wonderful parents – Bruce and Joanie Hardy. My father was a Miami Dolphin and my mother taught me how to dance. As the oldest, I have always taken it upon myself to solve rather than shun problems, and this perspective has helped me learn and stretch my limits. Understanding my capabilities was my first step in learning to lead – it has allowed me to ask the right questions and provide answers within the teams I play a role. 

My best creations have been my three children: Hannah, Lucas, and Mason. Sometimes they get a little loud and act like children ;) but I can always count on them for a good hug at the end of a stressful day. For that, they are the best roommates and friends.