Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that it took over six years of international consumer electronic agency work before I touched Motorola, but in 2013 I flew to Chicago and fell into the Moto X launch.

A partnership with Google invigorated the classic mobile phone maker and laid the foundation for a campaign that rallied around an egalitarian device with a customizable case for the individualistic consumer.

Role: Sr. Art Director

Moto X Launch - Your Style. Your Phone.


Finding a key opportunity to differentiate the Moto X, the team identified a growing consumer demand to choose a smartphone that stands out from the crowd. We positioned the messaging and media around style and control and launched a vibrant interactive campaign.

Lazy Phone Video Player Units

Moto X Color Picker - Google Lightbox

With full canvas rich media we were able to tell both stories of style and control in one rich media unit.

Your Phone Your Style Standard Media

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