As Sr. Art Director on the Samsung Account from February 2012 to June 2014, I helped to shape one of the fastest and most recognizable brand reinventions of the decade. Using paid and earned media, we planned, designed, and organized an enormous campaign to launch the first serious challenger to the iPhone—Samsung Galaxy SIII. With interactive displays, Times Square, and a huge media plan, we got the word out and designed some beautiful experiences along the way.

Over the 2 year relationship we kept the momentum going with digital media campaigns around the Galaxy Note line and GS4. 

Role: Sr. Art Director

The Galaxy SIII Launch - Monster Wall Digital Out Of Home

In partnership with Monster Media, I directed and designed an interactive touch experience that engaged viewers to interact with the unique innovations of Samsung's challenger device, the Galaxy SIII in a larger than life performance display.

Galaxy SIII Phase 1 Media — Carrier Drivers

With innovative features, the phase 1 media approach introduced through visual animations the campaign floodlights and included carrier drivers in direct contrast with Apple's limited carrier iPhone release.

Galaxy SIII Phase 2 Media — Continuing the Conversation

Strategically breaking out the floodlights with specific feature stories continued the momentum and answered the consumer interest in what makes the Galaxy SIII the innovative choice.

High Impact Rich Media

Pushing the disruptive page takeovers conceptually to showcase the features of the Galaxy SIII, these units maxed out the capabilities of the participating properties.

Business Consumer Rich Media Feature Tour

BlackBerry, continuing to make waves in the business community, was launching a new touchscreen device and OS. Samsung was prepared to respond by targeting the business consumer with Samsung solutions. The Prosumer was born and the family came together. 

Prosumer Standard Media

On the day BlackBerry released the anticipated BB 10 Samsung was blasting the web with our hyper focused, phased media.

The Company — Ask Katy is Samsung is right for your business

Personality can get you far in the world of high end business and The company has plenty of it. My team and I designed interactive rich media ads to give the prosumer a chance to get the scoop. 

The Ask Katy Campaign

Holiday Youtube Masthead Interactive Video Ad

The Samsung Galaxy  S4

Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 building on momentum generated from the Galaxy SIII and Prosumer campaigns.

Galaxy S4 — Standard Media

Extending the feature based campaign strategy, the Galaxy S4 was a technical achievement as much as it was a communications success. My team was able to pack high level graphics and animations into 40k banners that was scrappy and smart. 

The Galaxy S4 Refined Rich Media

A huge three day media buy on Youtube gave us an opportunity add drama to the feature based campaign phases.

Interactive Mobile Media